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Frugal Savings – TDAmeritrade Account

February 21st, 2008 2 comments

Yesterday, I was reading and saw a pretty good deal.

Open a savings account with TDAmeritrade, and use a special code associated with Suze Orman, and get $100. You simply need to set your account up to automatically electronically deposit $50 per month for 12 consecutive month.

I’ve never heard good or bad about TDAmeritrade’s services, so I figured I would give them a try. Setting up the account was pretty straightforward. I just entered in the information required about me and about how I will fund my account. This took about 10 minutes total.

Afterwards, you have to re-submit your bank information to allow the automatic deposits. This is where I noticed the first gotcha. At this point you’ve already deposited at least $50 to get the account opened. So their literature should say “give us at least $50 then deposit an additional $50 for 12 consecutive months”, instead of just “deposit $50 for 12 consecutive months”. Also, why should I have to go through the bank confirmation process if you’ve already deducted $50 from that same account? Anyways, make sure you finish setting up the automatic deposits within the first 30 days, or you won’t get your $100 (although they might be hoping you don’t).

Finally, there’s no way of knowing if you’ve met all the conditions in order to get the $100. If I’ve gone through all this trouble and after 12 months, I don’t get my $100, I’m going to be pretty pissed. I do think it’s worth that chance though.

If you deposit $50 for 12 months and end up with $700, that is a annual percentage rate of over 19% (calculated with TVM calculator – let me know if you’re interested in how I did this). This is way over market returns and is virtually guaranteed. Also, this doesn’t include the low rate your money will be getting while it is in the account, so the total return is probably over 20%.

In summary, I recommend to give this a try. An almost guaranteed return on your money of over 20% is almost a no brainer. As long as you don’t forget to set up the automated deposits, don’t mind opening a new account, and have a spare $50 per month, it’s a very good deal indeed.

Here is the link to start your own account: – remember to enter the code when you set up the account.

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