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Cost of Driving to Work

January 24th, 2008 2 comments

I am still unsure of whether it makes sense or not to drive the back roads to get to work. In order to figure this out, I’m going to run some math.

If I drive the toll roads, I have to pay $1.50 off the bat. My truck gets 14 mpg city and 18 mpg highway. The length of the trip is 21.2 miles, with 13.6 of those miles bing pure highway driving (with no traffic). Roughly %64 of the drive is highway. Totaling this up, I get .75 gallons of gas for the highway, and .54 gallons of gas for the city. If I use $3.00 as the price of a gallon of gas, the total comes to $2.25 (highway) plus $1.64 (city) plus $1.50 tolls, giving me a grand total of $5.39. If I drive this both ways, each day will total $10.78.

If I drive the back roads, there are no tolls, and it is a little bit shorter of a drive. The total distance is 18.5 miles and there are some stretches where there aren’t any traffic lights, so I would say %10 is actually more like highway driving. 1.85 miles on the highway, and 16.65 miles in the city. This equates to .1 gallons on the highway and 1.19 gallons for the city. Gas for the highway is $.30 and $3.57 for the city, totaling $3.87. If I drive this both ways, it comes out to $7.74.

There you have it, it is actually cheaper to drive the back roads. Of course this doesn’t count the extra time (although it’s not worth much anyways :) I spend in the car.

Over the course of the year, I could save approx $760 by only driving the back roads.

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No New Corvette

January 21st, 2008 1 comment

This weekend we made a trip out to Tampa to preview our wedding video. While we were there, we stopped by and visited with the Wife’s Grandmother. It was a good visit, but one of the other reasons to go was to go look at a Corvette in Clearwater Beach.


Unfortunately, when we got there, this bad boy was already gone. It was a 1999 6-Speed with 75,000 miles going for $17,000. It’s a shame it was already gone, but that just means I wasn’t meant to buy one this weekend. My Vette is still out there somewhere waiting for me.

The plus side is that I’ll be able to save up a little more before I make the purchase, as well as pay down more of the loan on my truck. I am currently putting about $200 into savings for the car, as well as paying down my loan by around $300 a month. Each month I wait, I’ll have $500 more to put down. Of course this doesn’t count depreciation of the truck (which has been dropping in price like crazy…).

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Back in Black

January 15th, 2008 2 comments

Ok, so not really in black, but I am back.

It seems that I had the worst cold ever. Seriously, it took me over two weeks to start feeling better. Then after that my ear felt funny, like it was permanently trying to pop.

Now that everything is back to normal, hopefully I’ll continue some regular posting. In reality, the wife’s decision to not go back to school has made us let our guard down about being frugal. I joke that my income doubled over Christmas break. Us not having to live off my salary alone leaves plenty of breather room in the budget.

Also, just an update on the comment about Corvettes dancing in my head… I am still interested in finding one. Just the other night I had a conversation with someone about buying one. His thoughts were that I should just buy a new one (Hello??? $50k ???). He thought that by buying a used one, I would just be inheriting someone else’s problem. Well, I don’t have $50k lying around (he mentioned that it the average SUV costs about that much anyways) and I am looking for a used one for under $20k. Most likely it will be around model year 2000 with under 75k on the odometer.

The trouble is that I can’t find one I would want close to O-town. I could drive over 2 hours away to look at some of them, but who has the time for that? Tampa must be the center of the Corvette world, because it seems like there are always a couple nice ones listed there.

Enough already though. Later!

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The Cheapest Breakfast Ever

January 3rd, 2008 No comments

With a head that seems to be the size of a basketball, I sit here on my couch to write the first post of 2008.  I have one hell of a cold that’s putting me out of commision, and I’m “working” from home (ie: sitting on the couch checking email every half hour or so).  I kind of feel like I’m under water.

Anyways, I just broke out the Great Value oatmeal, and remembered what a great deal it is.  I’m pretty sure it’s the cheapest breakfast that money can buy.  In fact, I’m pretty sure no other breakfast that costs less could keep you going until noon.

If you buy a huge tub of the Wal-Mart brand oatmeal, it will set you back around $2.  Since the huge tub holds around 30 servings, you cost per meal is around $.07.  That’s one hell of a cheap meal.  Seven cents to get you going in the morning.  I can’t even think of anything that costs seven cents.

Enough of my cold medecine induced rambling…

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